Hypocam is part of a bigger project and vision that seeks to focus on the individual person and their life in the current interconnected digital world. Our goal is to empower the user with the most up to date and powerful creative photographic tools, allowing people to be inspired, to experience, to create & connect, to share & remember.

Founded in 2013, Hypocam is based in Milan, Italy.


This is all about the individual within the collective photographic community and their journey of experience and discovery. Every part of every day is a step towards realizing your dreams. Moments become memories so capturing the essence of these moments becomes important - building a picture of your life, snap shot by snap shot, because your story is what makes you important and it deserves to be remembered, enhanced, shared and enjoyed.


Pieralberto Faggian — CEO & Founder
Matteo Menchetti — COO & Co-Founder
Pierre Gougelet - XnView — Lead Developer